Some Advice for Teachers New to iPads

Here is some sound advice for those teachers just embarking on their iPad journey. Managing iPads in the classroom takes a little adjustment and some practice. These tips are just what teachers need!

Teachers iPad Guide


Playing Catch Up!

Okay, time to get this show on the road again! I haven’t given up on this blog, it’s just that Posterous closed down and I have had to move my blog to a new platform. It saved perfectly and now I’ve set it up here, only to find some of my images and videos are missing! I’ll have to rely on my memory, as I cannot refer to my Posterous blog at all. I should have checked earlier, but life happens, you get busy, side-tracked, find new platforms (Pinterest), start new projects etc. and some things just fall off the radar. I’ll just do my best to resurrect this blog, because our iPadding journey is FAR from over. In fact, I’d say we are now truly beginning! Exciting times ahead.