Tablet Indaba – EdTechConf Thinkshop

Today I will be taking part in a panel discussion about using tablets in the classroom, at a Tablet Indaba being hosted by EdTechConf, as part of their Thinkshop initiative. I will obviously be discussing our school’s experience with the iPads, but there will also be discussion around other tablets and more specifically, Android devices. I am really looking forward to this discussion as I am always happy to hear about other peoples’ experiences and I love to learn from like-minded folk!


The Tablet Indaba was a very interesting experience. I participated in the panel discussion with Gail Gubb (Cedar House), Wendy Hindle (Parklands) and Judi Francisco (Micklefield). It was a very interesting afternoon in which I got to show the attendees (around 50 people), the DigiDesign videos created only one month after the iPads arrived! Gail Gubb demonstrated a Maths App (more for High School), Wendy demonstrated the Reflection App for Mac and shared her Grade 4 Book Creator project and a small iMovie project. Judi’s school is just investigating iPads at the moment, so she could not contribute at this stage.

The discussions around questions asked by Tim Keller and Rick Greener were most interesting. It is clear that there are other schools in the Western cape embarking on the iPad journey, but many are still in the investigation phase. Our approach is quite different to both Cedar House and Parklands, but both were Mac schools and the iPad was the obvious progression from laptops. Since we are a Windows school implementing iPads, I believe this is where we can make our mark by sharing our experiences with other schools.

It seems that Android devices are not yet being implemented in any schools.

[For a good summary of the Indaba, go here:]



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