What Apps Are We Using?


I had an enquiry the other day about which apps we are using on our iPads. There are a number of apps on the devices at present, so I will mention only the ones which I believe are “must-have” apps. Most of these are paid apps, but they are worth the money.

Pages – Similar to Word, great for making notes, writing reports etc.

Keynote – Similar to PowerPoint, but oh so much more creative!

Numbers – Similar to Excel (I don’t have much experience with this yet).

QuickOffice – Very useful for getting documents, PDFs, videos etc. onto the iPad wirelessly – easy to manage.

iMovie – Create videos on the iPad by using photos or videos taken on the iPad – an awesome app.

I Can Animate – Create animated stories on the iPad and view them as videos.

GarageBand – I am waiting for our music department to embrace this one – it is nothing short of amazing!

Book Creator – Create e-books straight on the iPad, great fun to use.

Comic Life – A fun comic creator app, great for creative writing etc.

Epic Citadel – Created as a demo for a game, this app allows you to walk through a deserted citadel, taking in all the sights and   sounds. An amazing app for poetry or story writing.

Star Walk – Navigate your way through the stars, take an in depth look at the planets and visit the constellations – a “stellar” app!

Planets – Take a close-up look at the planets, see them rotate and compare their statistics. Great graphics.

National Geographic World Atlas – A superb, detailed atlas for bringing Geography to life!

Google Earth – A little limited on the iPad, but always a must!

Explain Everything – An easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations – its possibilities are endless!

Show Me – An app for creating and sharing whiteboard-style lessons on your iPad – easy to use and presentations can be uploaded to the Show Me website.

Videolicious – Create short videos in three easy steps – has many possibilities.

Popplet – A great way to make colourful mind maps on the iPad. 

I will soon share how exactly some of these apps have been used by our teachers. Until then, happy app-shopping! 


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