Our iMovie Project

In DigiDesign club at the end of last term, ten of our Grade 6s were tasked with creating marketing videos for our school. They had to plan their videos by brainstorming ideas with Popplet and then they had to film the video of our school and use iMovie to edit and create the final videos – all on the iPads! [See the wiki for the full project instructions].

What a success this project was! The students were totally engaged from the start and enjoyed the project from start to finish. Some of the students worked in pairs or in threes, some worked on their own. Either way, the level of engagement and enjoyment was phenomenal!

What did they learn from this project?

  •  How to use the iPads for creation
  •  How to use iMovie
  •  Brainstorming – what to film
  •  Decision making – what to include/leave out
  •  Team work (those that worked in pairs/threes)

The final product was totally amazing. Please take a look at our YouTube channel to see just how well our students did. Enjoy! 


2 thoughts on “Our iMovie Project

  1. Karen- Your children did such a fantastic job on their movies! Thanks for sharing. Your school looks so inviting 🙂 Hope you are having a great school year. Jill (in Michigan)

  2. Hi Jill, thank you for the compliments! The children had such fun with these videos and it was a very valuable experience. We are having a good year – new principal with new ideas! Keep well and thanks for staying in touch. Kx

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