A New Era Has Dawned


We are SO excited! The 25 iPads for our Grade 6s have finally arrived and we will be spending the next week or so getting them prepared for roll out in the classes. This is truly a new era for our school and we are ready to tackle the challenge head-on. I will document our progress here. 

Firstly, setting these iPads up is quite a task:

  •        Switch on, sync to a computer and register each device
  •        Name each device (Generic name to match the email address)
  •        Set up a generic email account on each device (for submission of work)
  •        Sync with iTunes and install required apps
  •        Design a funky school-branded home screen and set up on each device
  •        Put screen protectors on the devices


  •        Draw up an Acceptable Use Policy for the teachers and pupils.
  •        Create a wiki for uploading of work, videos etc. for pupils to access.

That’s just to start off! I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything, but I’ll update the list as I go along. If you look for me – I’ll just be iPadding along! 


2 thoughts on “A New Era Has Dawned

  1. Karen- so excited for you!! Wow! Let me know if your sixth graders want to ‘meet’. this time it could be via ipads 🙂 I want to talk to you when you have time about how you are setting up e-mail addresses for the devices. I hope your year is going well.

  2. Jill that would be great! Just give us some time to find our feet and we can certainly arrange a "meeting"!I will mail you re the email set up route we have chosen – all by trial and error of course :)!

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